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    Cinema & TV Advertising From Piranha Digital

    At Piranha we understand your target audience. This, combined with our experience and flair for big screen and television advertising, ensured the delivery of an effective advertising campaign to captive and focused viewers.

    TV Advertising
    Television advertising has changed significantly in recent years and is now more affordable than ever. With over 97% of households in the UK owning a television, it is the most effective way to get your message over to your target audience and build your brand. Piranha has an abundance of experience and creativity in the advertising sector and our team will take you through the complete process, from planning, design and development. Our extensive knowledge of the market ensures that we will deliver a targeted TV advertising campaign which will stand out from your competitors.

    Cinema Advertising
    With almost 4000 cinema screens across the UK, cinema advertising can provide a surprisingly low cost platform for a successful campaign. Whether you are looking for simple, locally based cinema advertising, or a huge nationwide campaign, Piranha can develop visually engaging advertisements which will have a high impact on the big screen. The unique advantage of a captive audience in front of the silver screen is that people who visit the cinema tend to be young, engaged and able to access a large amount of disposable income.

    Start Your Project With Piranha Today

    Start Your Cinema & TV Advertising Project With Piranha Today

    Starting your cinema & TV advertising project today with Piranha could not be easier. Simply call our head office in Lancashire on 01772 888331 or fill in our enquiry form and one of our team will have a chat to you about your requirements. We may be able to provide a quick quote based on the outcome of the conversation, but we would prefer to arrange a meeting with you to learn more about your company and what your advertising requirements are.

    Now is the time to start your cinema & TV advertising project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment.

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