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Seventy Years of Computer Coding

By piranha

25th April 2017


This year marks the 70th anniversary of ENIAC, the world’s first programmable computer built for general-purpose use.

In those early days, coding was done without tools or programming languages and relied purely on logic and equations to function. The programmers couldn’t use languages because they didn’t exist yet!

The hardware was quite different from modern computers, too. ENIAC ran using vacuum tubes and required an enormous amount of electricity to run. Urban myth said that when the computer was turned on, the lights of Philadelphia dimmed in unison!

At the time, ENIAC was housed in Philadelphia, PA as part of a project run by the US Army. This ground-breaking computer was eventually used to run trajectory calculations for the country’s hydrogen bomb armament. It did so using complex differential calculus equations.

The ENIAC computer was 1000 times faster than other contemporary models and could calculate a trajectory that would take a human 20 hours to work out in just 30 seconds! Many industrialists and military bodies immediately recognised its revolutionary potential.

Part of the ENIAC setup, c.1946

Interestingly, ENIAC’s first programmers were all women. This is a fact that was kept secret from the public for over half a century.

Most of the women who programmed the ENIAC were not recognised in their lifetimes. This tragedy is a sad blot on the history of this revolutionary machine. Modern-day computer programming owes these pioneers a real debt of gratitude.

Modern Day Programming

Today, we can use an array of computer languages to make programming easier. What would once have taken weeks of manual input can now be programmed in a few hours!

The engineers working on the ENIAC could scarcely have believed that rate and scale of computer use and development through the 20th Century.

Programming at Piranha

The web development team here at Piranha can write in a wide variety of computer languages, from PHP and C++ through to JavaScript and SQL. Using our collective experience and knowledge, we can fix virtually any problem that might arise during development.

The Piranha web developers work closely with both clients and our in-house design team. By doing this the client’s wishes and design elements can be addressed at the same time. We find that this approach gets our customers the best results.

If you’re considering getting a new website, our development and design experts can create a beautiful site for you, complete with either FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or Magento. We are also very experienced in web hosting and security.

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