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10 Reasons you should invest in a New Website

By piranha

11th October 2022

Whether you don’t currently have a website, or you’re thinking about upgrading your current, outdated one, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a new website for your business.

1.The digital world is massive and continues to grow – this is probably the most important reason why you should invest in a new website; online is everything nowadays, and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s growing at an astronomical rate, which means that if people aren’t able to find you online, then you’re missing out on potential leads. There are over 5 billion internet users in the world today (source: datareportal), that’s 63% of the total population. With an average daily time of 6 hours and 49 minutes spent by each internet user, it’s quite clear to see why you should be making the most of the ever-growing digital world.

2. Keep up with the competition – if you don’t have a website, your competitors likely do; that’s one big channel that they’re getting sales or leads from and you’re not. If you do have a website but your competitors’ websites seem a lot faster, easier to navigate and overall look better than yours, then that’s a serious disadvantage. People are used to fast, sleek websites and if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for on yours, all they have to do is go to your competitor’s website and that’s a customer lost.

3. People’s attention spans are getting worse – how long will you wait for a website to load? You’d be surprised to know that two seconds is now the new ideal website load time. The chance that a potential customer backs out before the page loads increases with every second that passes – a survey by Digital.com found that 52% of online shoppers will leave a website if they have to wait more than six seconds. That’s possibly over half of your website visitors disappearing if your website is old and slow.

4. Mobile-friendliness – having a mobile-friendly website is absolutely critical. Less and less people are using desktops nowadays; and why would we when we can have everything in the palm of our hands? As smartphones and technology develop, mobile-friendliness is becoming a must for web designers, rather than just an option. A mobile-friendly site wasn’t as important a few years ago, so your old website probably won’t be performing as well as it should be on different screen sizes. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly means that users will get a seamless experience across all devices.

5. It’s expected – no matter what industry you’re in, your potential and existing customers will expect you to have a website. Did you know that 81% of retail shoppers complete online research before making a purchase? A website is where people can find out more about your company and browse your products and services before committing to buying from you, or using your company.

6. Better customer service – a website is a hub ready for any enquiries, questions, or feedback that your customers might want to send to you. Engaging with them in this way means you can improve your customer service and make sure you’re connecting with your customers and not missing any leads from unanswered questions. Whether you do this via a contact form, live chat or an FAQ page, your customers will appreciate getting the answers they need promptly.

7. Brand building – building and developing the visibility of your brand means having a strong online presence. Making sure your business has a well-designed website where users can find a lot of information about your brand and what you stand for supports in development and encourages engagement.

8. People find you easier – if you have a website that’s designed with SEO in mind, just like our experts here at Piranha specialise in, then you’re going to be perfectly set up for users to find you on search engines.

9. More secure – an older website is going to be a lot less secure than a brand-new website built by experts in website security. Make sure your website isn’t vulnerable to hacking or breaches.

10. Appearance – a very simple benefit to investing in a fresh website is it will look a lot better. You’ll be able to incorporate swanky design elements into a brand-new look; it’ll be something to shout about and impress any users that land on your site. You want your website to be something you’re proud of, not something that is just ‘there’.

Here at Piranha, we will make sure your business has a fast, responsive, and beautifully designed website. With a team of experienced and dedicated web designers, web developers, and digital marketing specialists, we have every ingredient to create an effective website that’s built well, looks great and fulfils its primary purpose of generating leads and sales.

As you can see, having a modern, up-to-date website is essential in this fast-paced digital world, so don’t waste any more precious time in making it happen. Check out our website design quotes page or contact us and let’s get started on investing in your online presence.

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